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I first bought a Weber BBQ, which lasted a reasonable amount of time before rusting and looking tatty. Since that purchase the price for the same BBQ had gone up an awful lot, so I decided to purchase a replacement from Argos. This was a 6 burner, up from 4, so was pretty decent on paper. In fact, it performed pretty well cooking-wise. What let it down, however, was the fact that only the lid and base / frame was stainless steel. The fire box was, in fact, steel. Guess what? It rusted. While it had rusted all over the fire box, the main issue was that it had rusted badly at the back, specifically on the tiny brackets where the burner covers sat. This meant that one of the burner covers had dropped on to the burner below, making a section of the BBQ unusable.

So, off I went browsing Amazon to find a suitable replacement. I saw the Cosmo Grill BBQs, so had a look on their website, directly. At the time I decided was going to go for the Platinum 4+2, but then egged myself on to get the Platinum 6+2 BBQ. I had to double check about spare parts, though, after being stung with two BBQs where one had outrageously priced parts and the other were simply not available. Sarah at Cosmo Grill was very helpful and responded very quickly, even with it being the weekend, too. She made me feel more comfortable in the product by saying it was all made from stainless steel - I knew it said it on the website, but wasn't sure whether that was just a bit of marketing.

I made a bit of a mess up ordering, as I didn't realise there was a combo offer of the BBQ and cover. Shivani at Cosmo Grill helped sort the order out and was very helpful. I also ordered the rotisserie attachment, too (why not!?).

The delivery was quick and came in no less than 5 packages, with two of them being huge boxes! I thought that either the BBQ was massive, or the packaging was over the top (spoiler, it was both!). Opening up the packaging I tracked down the instructions and went to work. There was relatively little polystyrene packaging, with cardboard being used instead - which I thought was a nice touch. I can't remember where I read it now, but I'm sure I read that it should take 1hr with two people. I was on my own, took it slowly, and it took me 1hr 20mins to build. I would say that the only sketchy bit was putting the firebox on to the stand, as I couldn’t see what I was doing due to the sheer size of it. Speaking of which; it's massive (in a good way). I remember when I finished putting it together, thinking how much it resembled the US-branded BBQs for £2k. I would say that the only real irritation for me when putting it together was that some of the images in the instructions were unclear - like the position of the battery holder for the igniter. When I installed it, roughly in line with the images, the bottom of the fire box (essentially a shelf) wouldn't slide in as the igniter was in the way.

Sarah was absolutely right, though, the BBQ is all stainless steel, with only the obvious components (controls, battery enclosure for LEDs and igniter unit, etc.) being made of plastic. I can't impress upon you how important to me a stainless steel BBQ is. As long as it's looked after well, it will last for a good number of years. I treat the outside with a very light coating of baby oil, which removes any fingerprints and marks. The inside gets a good cleaning with a brush (plastic, not metal, in my case) and a small amount of soap and water (which I wipe dry after it's cleaned).

I've had a dry run with the rotisserie - i.e. I've set it up and switched it on, that's it :). It worked fine, and I suspect whatever cook with it will be great. I've cooked with the BBQ twice, and it's got oodles of power. Heat is retained very well with the lid down. I love the dedicated back burner for the rotisserie and the side burner for pans, etc. I know it's sad, but I like the LED controls, plus the rain cover - I've bought a few from Amazon that while being cheap still offer a life-time guarantee. the problem I found with them is that you just don't want to get them replaced with yet another that will end up going grey and having holes appear. The Cosmo Grill very has a high GSM (by my reckoning when holding both old and this) and so I'm hoping will last a lot longer. It certainly makes water bead up when raining, rather than absorb like others have. I also like the fact that my gas canister fits inside! I'm assuming it's a 15KG canister as it weighs a fair bit and there still is 5cm or so above the top. This means I can leave it inside the BBQ, and not at the side, like all my previous BBQs - a nice touch.

You'll notice I've waffled a bit here, but I felt it was important to give more of a review than the other reviewers, as it might help others with their purchase decision - I thought there wasn't enough information from the reviewers, and so it was more me taking a punt with the purchase than getting s...

Original 4+1 Gas Barbecue
Zoe Kalaher (Leicester, GB)
Original 4+1 Gas Barbecue

Great looking barbecue perfect for the summer ahead. Easy to assemble following clear instructions. Thank you CosmoGrill!

Good spare parts!

Quick delivery and easy to install

Barbecue Cover - XL Smoker
David Pym (London, GB)
Great service

Ordered a new cover for our bbq which arrived within days. Perfect!

XXL Smoker Charcoal Barbecue
Lisa Dixon (Chester-le-Street, GB)
Looks great

This was a gift to my fiancé. I did LOTS of research before deciding on this one. Instructions were very clear and the screws etc being in a blister pack is such a good idea! It took three of us about an hour to put together. We haven’t used it yet, I will add a review when we have. The only thing I would change is adding a handle to move the bbq around, without a handle it makes it difficult to manoeuvre.

Spare Parts for Pro 6+1
Howard Jones (Clevedon, GB)

Really easy to find the spare parts and then order. If only all companies did it this way.

Spare Parts for XL Smoker
Stefan Grecu (Liverpool, GB)
New Charcoal Tray

After quite of heavy use, a charcoal tray was needed. CosmoGrill do offer spears and now we can enjoy our grill again.
Thank you CosmoGrill

Barbecue Cover - Jr. Smoker
Alan Smyth (Watford, GB)
Jr smoker grill & cover ✔️

Excellent product, assembly instructions were easy to understand (well done).
Looking forward for some decent BBQ’s 👍

Pro 6+1 Gas Barbecue
Behnoush Hamedi (Epsom, GB)
Damaged grill

Hi, I got the BBQ and opened the big box and noticed 2 scratched on the door of the BBQ, ,notified the company, they offered to replace the part but that might takes weeks. Requested to return the damaged BBQ, still no reply.

Jr. Smoker Charcoal Barbecue
Dave P (Manchester, GB)
My first decent BBQ

Very happy with my new barbecue. It arrived well packaged and undamaged. Simple to build and seems well made. Spot on CosmoGrill!

Pro 4+1 Gas Barbecue
Chase Allmark (Chipping Norton, GB)
Could be better

Decent quality materials used considering the price. However disappointed with the flame size. Far two right burners were not as hot as the left 2. And extra burner barely had a flame.

Pro 4+1 Gas Barbecue
Chris Sidwell (Leeds, GB)
Pro series

My bbq came damaged and haven’t yet been able to resolve

Pro 4+1 Gas Barbecue
john adrian coupland (Crewe, GB)
Pro 4+1 barbecue

Excellent service nice product
However disappointed as no cover provided as appeared to be advertised.

Barbecue Cover - Compact Portable
Catherine Mcmillan (Hamilton, GB)
Great quality

Great quality quick delivery

Quick effective service

Parts arrived very quickly

Spare Parts for XL Smoker
Damian Huin-Wah (Reading, GB)

Spare Parts for XL Smoker

Pro 6+1 Gas Barbecue
Emmanuel A (Cork, IE)
Unexpected customs charge for Irish customers

Upon visiting the website I believed that shipping is free to Ireland. Turned out that is only on selected products. When you visit the website you get a pop up for shopping via the Irish website. I had to pay 38EUR for a customs charge which was very annoying. After reaching out to support, they stated that on the website the information is communicated. I just wished that there was clearer messaging for Irish customers, could have shopped locally for the total price including shipping.

XXL Smoker Charcoal Barbecue
B. C (Devizes, GB)
Return to Charcoal

Used for the first time and seems to do the job. The only criticism is the fold down tables would be better with horizontal slats not vertical as implements fall through the slats . Other than that very pleased.

Jr. Smoker Charcoal Barbecue
Paul Marples (Littlehampton, GB)
Time consuming to put together

The BBQ seems well made a little smaller than I imagined but that’s my mistake however took 2 hours to put together

Pizza Stone
Neil Sherrocks (Liverpool, GB)
A pizza de action

Fantastic BBQ along with this great quality pizza stone. Should get years out of these.

Universal Stainless Steel Flame Tamer
Kevin Oaten (Basingstoke, GB)

Flames Guards

First cook

A fantastic experience cooking on the CosmoGrill. The quality shines through with the addition of the cast iron grates. Set up dual cooking zones as there is so much space. A fantastic addition to my outdoor kitchen!!!

Brilliant product only downside is the smoker lets out too much heat under the lid but once we replaced the rubber feet on the lid and put draft excluder tape around it instead it worked great. Could do with a side door on the firebox but isn’t a major issue!

Fantastic value for money

XXL Smoker Charcoal Barbecue
Ross Hill (Southampton, GB)
Nice bbq

Nice bbq but believed i had a cover included in the sale

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